Project Dignity: SKHM Mother's Group Programme

Project Dignity: 18 – 45 years (exclusively for women)

Women who are in charge of households are the main agents of change in a family. It is a mother who protects her child’s interests the most. In 2010, SKHM started a Mothers’ Group Program as a part of its primary strategy in rehabilitation of children and prostituted women. The key vision was that women living in the red light areas will be trained to explore alternate livelihood methods and assist those who wished to quit violent and non-sustainable professions. The group met twice a month under the supervision of a senior mental health professional and a senior staff. In these (informal) meetings, mothers were encouraged to talk, relax and learn a new craft/hobby & bond as sisters sharing a world of gender-based violence, intolerance and inequality. If they felt the need, the women spoke to senior mental health professional. Soon, that became a compulsory part of the programme—as members demanded it. Thus began Project Dignity as an informal club—safe spaces, exclusively feminine. Like every other SKHM programme, this too, continued to grow organically with more and more features being added. By 2014, Project Dignity was fully formed. Features of Project Dignity include:

Mental Health:
Peer counselling in presence of specialist / one-on-one counselling
Art-based therapy / Movement-based therapy

Occupational skill building:
Cooking and Canteen Management Course (C&CMC) which resulted in the pilot project Muskan’s Mukhorochhok
Costume Jewellery Training Course (CJMC)
Driving Classes
Computer Classes

Hobby classes:
Quilling / paper filigree
Bag painting

Women are encouraged to get their documents in order (such as)
• Voter cards
• Ration cards
• PAN card

Dignity members are taught financial literacy to instil a culture of saving and are encouraged to open & maintain accounts with the help of SKHM

Through mental health sessions women are encouraged to address personal and relationship issues and there is a de-addiction programme for those who seek it

Daily room & street visits
SKHM assists women who come to its centre with needs
All women are welcome to attend meetings to learn about SKHM workshops and classes

Dignity women can enrol into literacy classes
Dignity women can opt for NIOS

Visit to parks, restaurants & picnics

Muskan’s Mukhorochhok