Project Nurture: SKHM Children Programme

Early Childhood Care & Support Programme

The first six years of life are critical due to the rapid rate of child’s development. Children coming to SKHM’s Day Care Learning Centre benefits from nutrition and child–friendly environment which is conducive for learning and early-mind stimulation.

Play & Art-based Therapy & Group Counselling

Play and Art-based Therapy is based upon the premise that play and art are natural mediums of self-expression. These therapies give an opportunity to the child to “play out” feelings. It helps in the following areas:

• Helps identify if a child is being subjected to abuse / trauma / neglect
• Helps reduce anxiety
• Facilitates a child’s emotional expression
• Promotes self-confidence and a sense of competence
• Develops a sense of trust in self (and others)
• Defines healthy boundaries
• Creates and enhances healthy relationships
• Enhances creativity and playfulness

Education Programme:

SKHM prepares children between 3 to 6 years to gain admission into mainstream schools. Emphasis is upon the transition of every child from a non-formal educational background to a formal government-run school. This process includes initiating and maintaining necessary paper work, liaising and networking with private and government schools; securing admission to schools and academic support once they secure admission. Post-admission, SKHM helps children and youth tackle home & class work as most of them are first-generation learners. SKHM follows-up on a regular basis with schoolteachers to keep up with a child’s progress. SKHM also encourages mothers to be a part of their children’s development process by visiting schools regularly.

Nutrition Programme:

SKHM provides nutritional support for betterment of physical health. Besides providing 2 square meals a day and an energy drink, SKHM engages a Paediatrician as often as it can.

Resilience-building Programmes:

• Karate classes
• Personal counselling sessions

Extracurricular Activities:

• Drama Classes
• Creative-writing Classes (including a wall magazine—Ujaan)
• Photography Classes
• Music Class (Vocal)
• Dance Classes
• Story creation & story-telling sessions
• Alternative Art Classes (with Mustard Seeds Kolkata)
• Art Classes/Fine Arts Classes
• Spoken English Classes
• Computer Training Classes
• Cricket Coaching (at Devang Gandhi Cricket Academy)
• Football Coaching (Bagha Shome Football Institute)